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Fishing guides who are not only world-class fishermen and will help you to catch some beautiful fish, but they’re a great group of people who are focused on providing their clients with the best possible Alaska fishing experience. Some of the best fishing guides in Bristol Bay, Alaska and certainly on the Nushagak River, all of our guides are U.S.C.G. credentialed and certified first responders. Ensuring that you enjoy your trip is their first priority.

fishing guidesAlbert Kutzkey is a third generation guide with over 38 years of fishing experience.  His grandfather was the 1st registered guide in California with guide number 001.  His father was not very far behind him, with over 50 years in the guiding business.  The Kutzkey family started their guiding business on the upper Klamath River in CA. Al Kutzkey (his grand father) opened a fishing lodge in the early 1950`s with Albert’s father. They and their other guides mastered the trade and caught many a Steelhead and Salmon on the west coast rivers. Albert started guiding at age 16 with his father and spends most of the year fishing for salmon and steelhead on CA and OR rivers. He started fishing in Alaska in 1982 on the Kenai River and has been fishing AK rivers every summer since.   Albert’s Website

Ron has been fishing salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon on the Columbia and Willamette rivers for 20+ years. Based out of NW Oregon, he is an avid fisherman who has a long list of followers. Ron is a professional year-round angler and experienced guide.

Ron’s Facebook page.

Ted Gibson is a Wisconsin native who has been guiding for 16 years.  He has guided on the Naknek and Nushagak Rivers in Alaska’s famous Bristol Bay and operates his own guide service in Naples, FL.  Come fish with us.

Ted’s Website: nauti-galfishing.com

Brent has been a fishing guide in Alaska for the last 20 summers. He spent 17 of those summers guiding on the Nushagak and other rivers of Bristol Bay and three guiding in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. During the school year, Brent teaches Middle School Science in Prairie du Chien, WI, where he also is a coach for their National Archery in the Schools Program and their Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League.

Some of Brent’s other outdoor passions include fishing walleye and panfish on the Mississippi River, chasing whitetails on his family farm in Wisconsin, bird hunting with his beloved labrador retrievers, and exploring the backwaters of the Mississippi River with his wife and two daughters.

Obsessed with fishing since my youth, Tom feels fortunate to guide on rivers in Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. He loves assisting anglers, new or accomplished, in pursuit of the hardest-fighting fish in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska—salmon and steelhead. As a guide Tom feels the day is about your goals, whether it be chasing a trophy, learning new methods and techniques, or taking a break from life’s stresses. Fishing is Tom’s passion, it’s what keeps him up at night.

Find Tom online:
Instagram: @mistywatersnw
Email: mistywatersnw@gmail.com

Ryan Gill lives in Anchorage and has been guiding since 2014. An avid sportsman and angler, he built a successful deep sea charter fishing business from concept to operation.  He provided guided fishing trips to tourists from all over the country ensuring a safe and memorable experience in Cook Inlet. He excels in customer service and safe operations for a successful outing. Ryan is a 12 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Criminal Justice. 

Kim Kottke has guided on a variety of rivers and lakes across the country during his 40 year guiding career. Most recently, he guided anglers on the Nushagak and Kvichak Rivers in Alaska and has had the wonderful opportunity to guide in Ontario, Canada and on the Mississippi River in his home state of Wisconsin.  During his off season, Kim is the captain of a ferry boat which takes passengers and vehicles across the Mississippi River between Iowa and Wisconsin. Kim enjoys spending his free time fishing the Great lakes for salmon, fishing walleye and panfish on the Mississippi River, and chasing whitetail deer and turkey in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. Kim has a true love of the outdoors and he enjoys sharing that experience with his clients.

Chris Titus grew up fishing lakes and rivers around western Washington for trout and salmon. A U.S. Air Force retiree, he’s lived in Alaska since 2002 and fished its many rivers and bays. An avid fisherman, conservationist, and fishing guide, he enjoys helping people catch fish whether they are a seasoned angler or a complete novice. “The smile on their face is what it’s all about,” says Chris.  In the winter he works as a civil service employee on the military bases in Anchorage and coaches middle school and youth basketball. Some of Chris’s other outdoor passions are chasing caribou around the high mountains of Alaska, and enjoying the beauty of The Greatland with his family and friends.

Guide Emeritus Bill DeAvilla was born in Northern California and grew up fishing salmon and steelhead on the Klamath, Smith, Chetco, Rogue and Trinity Rivers. He was introduced to fishing at an early age and it was his responsibility to make sure the eggs were cured and ready when it was time for his family to fish. His first guided fishing trip was at age 12. This passion for fishing led to a winter job as a guide and later to the Kenai River in Alaska where Bill now resides year round. Like his father and grandfather he is passing on his love of the sport to his grandson. The faces of a first time fisherman hooking and landing their first salmon still excites him! The thrill of introducing newcomers to the sport is what keeps him fishing year after year. He’s been working on the Nushagak River for the past six years and has over 35 years of guiding experience.

Guide Emeritus Kris Kallina has been guiding in Alaska since 1985 for fish & big game. He is a registered big game guide spending about half the year in Alaska and the other half guiding bird hunters at his dove/quail hunting lodge in South Texas. Kris shares more than 35 years of guiding expertise with our guests at Nushagak River Adventures.

Kris’s Website