The Alaska Trip You’ve Always Dreamt About

Alaska king fishingAlaska King Salmon Fishing
Best months: June & July

Chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, are the largest of the Pacific salmon and found in sheer abundance on the low-pressured Nushagak River. The Nushagak is world famous for consistently producing the largest Alaskan king salmon runs around. The Nushagak River sees a return of approximately 100,000 king salmon per year making it the world’s largest wild run.

In recent years the State of Alaska has provided that Nushagak River anglers may harvest one king per day, four annually. Occasionally, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game introduces a seasonal regulation change like they have in 2021 to two annually to adjust for their escapement goals. Fortunately the Nushagak is home to many species so we can always our attention to sockeye, pike, chum salmon, and other fish as well as catching and releasing kings. When bait is allowed our methods for catching king salmon on the Nushagak River include bouncing eggs or trolling plugs. Our guides also employ a technique called downstream trolling. Nushagak River king salmon tip the scales at around 30 pounds.  Our guests normally take home their annual limit along with memories of their heart-racing battle. We caught some really nice kings this summer and entered those anglers into our 40-Inch Club. We feel utterly privileged to be on The Nush with its various fish species and what is still the world’s largest run of wild Chinook.

As of June 2021, it is our lodge policy not to kill kings over 40 inches to conserve the gene pool.