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Nushagak River Adventures Lodge—A Five Star in the Bush

We are thrilled to announce, after four intense seasons of planning and executing, we have rebuilt the lodge from the ground up. What used to be a dilapidated fish camp is now a full service fishing lodge recognized for comfort and amenities you would not expect to find on the remote Nushagak River in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Thanks to our reputation as a high-quality, guest-focused operation, we are proud to say we are full for 2021. Inquiries and date reservations for 2022 are more than welcome.


The Nushagak River, in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, is home to the world’s largest run of wild Chinook salmon. We also see an enormous run of silvers with little to no fishing pressure and are usually the only lodge open during silver season on The Nush.

We are pleased to report our main lodge rebuild has been unveiled, and the new bathhouse is complete. We’ve even connected all the buildings on the property with walkways. Our transformation is officially complete. We truly have the nicest lodge on the river. We are looking forward to our best season yet on the Nushagak in 2021!

Experience the best salmon fishing in Alaska on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay. With an average of 100,000 kings a year, the Nushagak River has Alaska’s largest king salmon run!

Sleep in comfortable, insulated 12′ x 20′ cabins with real beds, quality mattresses and down pillows that provide first class comfort in our remote fishing camp.

We are extremely proud of the experience and professionalism of our fishing guides. They are some of the best in the business—fish catching machines who put your safety and enjoyment first.

Welcome to the Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Our superb location enables us to fish the lower Nushagak River in Bristol Bay where the best salmon fishing in Alaska occurs annually. We invite you and your guests to fish with our experienced guides for the salmon fishing trip of a lifetime!

“I love the smell of king salmon slime in the morning,” I proclaim to nobody in particular as we begin to fish. It was day two this past June on the Nushagak River and I was ready to agree with Pete von Jess that indeed, what they have here is a little slice of Heaven. An island roughly 35 miles up the 280-mile Nushagak River on its east channel serves as the foundation of the newly-rebuilt Nushagak River Adventures Lodge.

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The Lodge

Our new main lodge is the perfect place to gather with friends and family for dining and visiting after a great day of fishing.

5-Star Dining

We invite you to stay and fish with us on the Nushagak River, where you’ll enjoy a 5-star dining experience from start to finish.

Client Testimonials

“Had a great time fishing the Nush. Guides are outstanding and the service staff very helpful. Beds are very comfortable and hot showers! Going back in June. Can hardly wait.”

David, (Oregon)

“Fishing was great, the staff was very attentive and the location was truly spectacular—it’s all what you would want for a fly-in trip”

Marc, (California)

“As the author of two articles in Fish Alaska magazine about fishing in Alaska over the last 22 years, it is worth pointing out that they were both stories about experiences on the Nushagak River at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge ( I was there with family but the guides made our experiences worth writing about. I will return this year with a lifetime friend that wants to experience Alaska fishing at it’s best. I already know that he won’t be disappointed.”

“The past four summers I, along with different groups of friends and family, have fished at the Nushagak River Adventures Lodge. This river is an incredible hidden secret for catching large king salmon sometimes up to six per fisherman each day on a good day. Last summer the camp changed ownership and an incredible transformation occurred with new modern facilities and more importantly first class boats, guides and gear which dramatically improves a fisherman’s chance of landing many big Kings. This camp in remote Alaska has to be on the bucket list for those who are serious fisherman. There has not been a trip where I did not bring home a large cooler of fish. Because of its remote location, I would suggest the client be in reasonably good health. I have had a great time there and would be happy to answer questions.”

Ed Gerrish, M.D.

“Five stars? I’d give them six if I could. We’ve fished the Nush before, but we were sleeping in tents. Here they have warm, dry, cabins with electricity and heaters. Plus hot showers and flush toilets.

The silver fishing was EPIC. We fished with Albert. We limited out everyday. Even if you’re not an accomplished fisherman/fisherwoman, these guys will help you/show you how to catch fish. Our schedule was a delicious breakfast every morning, in the boats around 8:45, epic fishing shortly after. Around 11:30 we’d head in for a hot lunch, then back for more fishing. Dinner was preceded by appetizers and followed by an even more delicious dessert.

It was a great time, and we’re already planning our return.”

Brad and Marisa Glustoff , California

“My son, grandkids and I are eagerly looking forward to the new experience of coho fishing with you in August. I appreciate you recommending Albert to us as a guide. We had a chance to chat with him last June and really clicked with him. We also enjoy the fellow Oregonian, Ron.

Last year we talked Prosper Boisvert, an Alberta resident and our next-door neighbor during the winter months in Indio, CA, into coming with us to The Nush. He and his lovely wife flew to Alaska a week early and toured out of Anchorage. They fell in love with Alaska. They texted back and forth each day we were fishing. The day you gave me those lovely gloves to get my hands warm, Prosper texted Nancy, ‘Next time I have to bring waterproof gloves.’ She immediately responded. ‘What do you mean next time?’ We had a good laugh. He had a smile on his face the whole time he was with us—like kid in a candy shop. He’s already committed to join us for Kings in 2020!

By the way, Jean Moore has been a delight to deal with. You’re building a good thing with Fish the Nush.”

Rich Forcier, California

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