Things to do in Alaska are as diverse as the state itself. Whether you’re an avid angler, an outdoor enthusiast, a wildlife lover, or someone in search of cultural experiences, Alaska has something for everyone. These are some of the top things to do in Alaska, ensuring your visit to this breathtaking state is nothing short of unforgettable.  Some folks try to fit as much as they can into their visit and stay a couple extra days beyond their trip to the Nushagak in Bristol Bay. Here are some of the top experiences we imagine you would enjoy.

things to do in alaska1. Fishing!

We all know that Alaska is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Heck, that’s why you come see us on the Nushagak River to fulfill your salmon dreams. A drove of folks come to Alaska annually, bringing family and friends. We have you covered for salmon, but you can add on fishing for halibut, rockfish or lingcod in the saltwater or take a freshwater trip for Dolly Varden or rainbow trout. There is lots of fishing all around the state. Shoot us a note and we’ll fire back a list of companies we recommend.

2. Wildlife Viewing:

Here on The Nush you may see moose, fox, eagles and lots of other bird life, but if you thirst for more consider adding on a wildlife or marine tour to round out your Alaska trip. A trip to Brooks Falls to view bears after your coho trip to the Nush is an option, or perhaps take the train to Denali. Visit National Parks in Alaska for a prime list of options to see grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and Dall sheep. Take a wildlife cruise to see whales, sea lions, and sea otters. Once again just shoot us a note; we have many friends and contacts across the state of Alaska and can pair you with a quality outfitter.Things to do in Alaska

3. Outdoor Adventures:

Hiking and backpacking in places like Katmai National Park, Denali National Park, and the Kenai Peninsula is a bucket list adventure for many and among the top things to do in Alaska. Travelers enjoy kayaking and canoeing in many scenic waterways throughout the state. Try out one of the zip lining tours in Seward or Talkeetna. There are easy day hikes in Anchorage, bike rentals and other activities for the outdoor types. Experience the thrill of dog sledding, particularly in places like Denali or the Yukon during cold weather months. Most places you go there are things to do in Alaska that are unique and authentic to the state.

4. Sightseeing Flight:

Witness the stunning landscape of Alaska from the air when you charter a sightseeing flight. This is part of the experience when you fly to remote fishing lodges like ours but you can also take a sightseeing charter over glaciers and world famous mountains if you want to see more of Alaska’s vast beauty.

5. Cultural Experiences:

Explore Native Alaskan cultures in places like the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Anchorage Museum in Anchorage. Attend local events and festivals that celebrate the state’s diverse cultures.

Alaska’s allure lies in its rugged, wild nature and the abundance of activities it offers- there are so many things to do in Alaska, especially the great fishing! Whether you’re seeking thrill in outdoor adventures, or cultural enrichment, Alaska promises the time of your life. We are excited that you consider us your primary destination when you visit here in Alaska. If you have the chance we know you will also love these other experiences. Plan your journey wisely, and let the wonders of the Last Frontier unfold before you.

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