Fishing lodges, Alaska being one of those destinations where fishing lodges are numerous, are not all created equal. That makes choosing the right lodge for you a somewhat complicated proposition. It comes down to asking yourself a series of questions: When do I want to go to Alaska?; What do I want to fish for?; What type of accommodations and dining do I want?; What additional amenities are necessary?

Things to Consider

Additional considerations include the condition of the lodge, quality of the boats and gear, experience of the guide staff, safety record of the lodge, number of years in business, and testimonials from past clients. If a lodge is mostly full, that usually speaks to the quality of the operation and fishing. Repeat business and referrals are hard to come by when a lodge fails to meet client expectations.

When choosing fishing lodges, Alaska or anywhere else in the world, it’s important to do your due diligence. Perhaps in Alaska, especially when you might be traveling far into the backcountry. You will depend on whomever you choose to guide you through a safe and exciting fishing adventure. It’s imperative to research the operation thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision on which lodge to visit.

Our Lodge

At Nushagak River Adventures Lodge, our goal is to provide a top-tier Alaska fishing lodge experience. Our entire operation has been upgraded over the last several years. We are pleased and proud to be able to offer clean and updated cabins, delicious meals enjoyed within our newly remodeled lodge, high-quality gear and boats, experienced captains and a highly efficient and well-run operation. Attention to detail is our forte. We would put our lodge up against most fishing lodges Alaska can provide.

We begin each year fishing for king salmon in June. These mighty salmon, recognized as the Alaska state fish, will test your angling skills. They are among the hardest fighting fish in freshwater. As the calendar rolls into July, we continue to fish for kings and add sockeye salmon to the lineup. Sometime in late July, coho salmon arrive and dominate the angling landscape through August. An additional benefit of this time of year is that most lodges on the Nushagak are closed, and that gives us our choice of the most productive spots.

Fishing Lodges Alaska

Visit Nushagak River

The Nushagak is a super-highway for salmon, and all five species make their way upriver to spawn, making this a highly attractive destination for salmon anglers. All that’s left for you to do is determine which salmon species you want to target, give us a call, and we’ll work with you to put together a fantastic fishing trip to one of the best fishing lodges Alaska has to offer.

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