FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Staying in Anchorage

We recommend The Lakefront Anchorage hotel, located on Lake Hood near the airport. Our partnership provides a special discounted rate for clients of Nushagak River Adventures Lodge. Make sure you mention “Fish The Nush” to receive that rate. In addition to quality dining options, The Lakefront has clean rooms, amenities, and Alaska-style decor for your overnight in Anchorage. Additional details will be provided in our Travel Information document we will send in January.

Getting Here

Fly to Dillingham, Alaska from Anchorage via Alaska Airlines. Please plan to arrive the evening before your first fishing day and overnight at one of the local hotels/B&B’s in Dillingham. Try Beaver Creek B&B (907) 842-7335. If you stay at Beaver Creek they will meet your airplane upon arrival, provide breakfast items while other options do not. We will ensure you have lunch upon arrival. On the morning of your first fishing day, Tikchik Airventures will pick up your party at your Dillingham lodging and transport you to the float planes where you will be whisked to the lodge. If you cannot be in Dillingham the evening before, please book your flight on the very first flight from ANC to DLG on Alaska Airlines. If you are arriving at Dillingham Regional Airport the morning of your fishing trip day 1, Tikchik Airventures will meet you at baggage claim and transport you to their float planes and fly you to the lodge. The cost of the floatplane ride is included in your trip price. Additional fees may apply for baggage over 40 pounds and excessive alcohol. On our 4-day schedule, guests begin to arrive in camp at 8:30 AM their first day, receive a safety and orientation briefing and get out on the water fishing until 5:30 PM. Over the next three days guests fish from 8 AM to 5 PM. On the last day, float planes fly guests back to Dillingham normally from 9 to 10 AM with possible fog or wind delays. Plan to depart Dillingham for Anchorage no earlier than 1 PM on the last day of your trip. We cannot plan for weather delays; while they do not happen often, they can occur.

Please make sure to provide your flight itinerary to [email protected]


Please note we have a 40-pound soft-sided, waterproof duffle bag recommendation for traveling via floatplane and a limit to how much alcohol is allowed per person without incurring an additional fee. Coolers are not allowed for transport. If your trip to Alaska extends beyond your trip to the Nushagak, we recommend the following for your convenience. If you are fishing prior to arriving you can store your fish and a bag at the Anchorage airport storage near baggage claim carousel 3 the ANC airport. If you are going to fish after your trip with us or take any other type of tour throughout Alaska, then you can store your extra bag of clothing to retrieve when you return to Anchorage and store your Nushagak salmon at the airport storage in their freezers while you enjoy the rest of your trip. 

COVID-19 Travel Information

Travelers whom have been fully vaccinated will pass straight through all airports. It is vital to do our part, get vaccinated, and get this behind us. Please consider this option, not just for your ease of travel, but also for the security and peace of mind of the other 30 to 50 people at the lodge and those along your travel path. You can view the Dillingham Emergency Order here. Check back for any changes. 

Alcohol Policy

You are welcome to bring alcohol, beer or wine not to exceed one case of beer OR 3 bottles of wine OR one bottle of alcohol and a 12 pack of mixers per person. We welcome you to relax in a responsible manner. Alcohol is not allowed on the boats and may be consumed in camp only and at your own risk. We do not have a liquor license and therefore do not sell or provide alcohol at the lodge. In the event a guest wants to bring a larger quantity of alcohol than the per person allocation, please contact Pete to coordinate and learn of any additional transportation fees. 

Food Allergies/Restrictions

If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions please send an email to [email protected] with your specific needs at least two weeks prior to your trip—the sooner the better. We will work with you to accommodate. Allergies and medical restrictions are a priority and will be accommodated, however, personal dietary preferences are less easy to oblige due to the increased cost of operating in the Bush and the nature of bush transportation and river logistics.

Fishing License

Anglers must purchase their Alaska fishing licenses online, prior to your arrival and possess them while fishing on the bank and in the boats. Make sure to purchase a king salmon stamp if you are coming during king season in June or July and purchase the license to start at 8am the day of your arrival and for as long as you’ll be fishing. Purchase them online at https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/store/. At time of online purchase you will receive a copy of your license in PDF format. Please print and sign your license to carry on your person at all times while fishing on the boats and from the bank here in the Alaska bush.. Consider bringing an extra printed copy as back up. 

King Salmon Harvest Policy:

It is lodge policy NOT to kill any king salmon over 40 inches for the conservation of these genes in the river system. Please do not ask your guide to retain a fish of this size as they are instructed to release all fish this large. Thank you for understanding and for consciously preserving a resource for generations to come. Kings of smaller size can be harvested based on current regulations.

Fish Processing

Our guide team will fillet and vacuum seal your salmon with our commercial-grade, air-chambered vacuum sealer. Your catch gets placed in our sub-zero freezer daily. On the day of your departure we’ll place your salmon in a 50-pound, airline-approved box to accompany you on your flight. If guests are staying overnight in Anchorage before departing for home, the hotel we recommend in Anchorage has freezer storage for its guests. There is also freezer storage at the Ted Stevens International Airport you can use for a fee. Each guest will be allowed a maximum of one 50-pound box of King salmon to bring home.


Throughout the summer guests can expect an average of 40 to 70° F with a likely chance of rain daily. Temperatures are on the brisk side in June with significant rain but temperatures warm up throughout the summer with less rain in August than June. Plan to bring quality rain gear and multiple warm layers. We recommend Gore Tex® and fleece for maximum weather protection. Please refer to our packing list for your convenience. Weather delays can occasionally occur during transport. We are not responsible for Acts of God, loss of fishing time or expenses related to changed travel arrangements. Your safety is our highest priority. 

Camp Facilities

Nushagak River Adventures Lodge has recently rebuilt their bathhouse to provide separate men’s and ladies facilities. Everything is brand new and spotless. Ladies have two private bathrooms with toilet, shower, sink and mirror. Men have separate shower and toilet facilities and sinks. 


All of our fishing guides are Red Cross certified first responders and their certifications are up to date. We have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in camp as well as surgical supplies and several first-aid bags. There are first-aid bags on every boat. In an extreme emergency we have contact with a helicopter for transport to the Dillingham Regional Hospital. It is a smart idea to think about travel insurance. Please remember to pack any personal medications you may require.


25% of any trip is due at time of booking as a deposit. Should you cancel your trip, a refund will be made only if your space can be filled, minus a 10% service charge. Your second 25% payment is due by Jan 15th and the final 50% payment is due by April 1st. Reservations not paid in full by April 30th will be forfeited and subject to our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

25% of any trip is due at time of booking as a deposit. Should you cancel your trip, a refund will be made only if your space can be filled, minus a 10% service charge. Your second 25% payment is due by Jan 15th and the final 50% payment is due by April 1st.   We make no refunds nor assume any additional expenses if weather or any reason beyond our control renders you unable to complete a trip or any other part of an itinerary. We reserve the right to cancel a trip due to an Act of God and will refund all funds paid to us in such a case. You may want to consider obtaining travel insurance. We partner with Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance to provide options for Nushagak River Adventures Lodge guests.


Our team appreciates any tip you wish to bestow on them. The industry average for guides is 10% of your trip cost or $100 per angler per day, whichever is greater. When asked, we suggest between 5% of the value of your trip for the Chef/kitchen team as well as an additional 5% to share among the hospitality team. Guests are free to tip based on the level of service you receive. We encourage you to offer what feels good to you. Please feel free to use the envelopes provided in your cabin. Guests commonly tip at the end of their stay, not daily, and never while on the boat. For additional information, here is a blog by Fish Alaska magazine that offers tipping recommendations for the fishing industry.