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Special Forces Week 2019

Special Forces Week 2019 at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge Today is Veterans Day—the nationally recognized day to celebrate and honor all military veterans. Considered to be the end of the war to end all wars a century ago, Veterans Day has gone through its fair share of changes—from [...]

40-Inch Club

There are almost no words to describe the heart-pounding excitement of a 40-Inch king salmon on the business end of your fishing line. It’s a feeling that eludes most and keeps even the most seasoned anglers coming back for more. Chuck Riegel is an international angler [...]

Alaska family vacations

Alaska Family Vacations Alaska family vacations are a great way to build fond memories and encourage a lifelong love of fishing, nature, and the outdoors in your children and grandchildren. The quality time they get to spend with you on a family fishing vacation will take center stage on [...]

2019 Nushagak Coho Forecast

2019 Nushagak Coho Forecast The 2019 Nushagak coho forecast is strong. Coho salmon fishing in Alaska is beyond exhilarating. Silver salmon are widely known for their acrobatic display and for being the most wild of the wild Alaskan salmon. A hefty silver salmon will collide with your bait like [...]

Citrus cured salmon crostini

Citrus Cured Salmon Crostini with Shaved Cucumber and Everything Bagel Spiced Cream Cheese and Capers Citrus cured salmon crostini are totally next level! When it comes to upping your kitchen game, follow Chef Chris as he helps you expand your technique. For the salmon 5 ounces kosher salt ⅔ [...]