Has an Alaska fishing trip been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember? Many of us watch videos and television shows, read articles and follow social media channels looking for Alaska fishing photos and information for that ultimate trip to Alaska we have conjured in our minds.

Make Alaska Happen This Year

Alaska fishing tripAs we have all learned over the last couple of years, life is precious. Doing the things we love to bring joy to our lives and spending time with our loved ones should be at the top of our lists these days. That’s why this is the year to make your dream Alaska fishing trip happen. There really is no reason to wait, you just need to Make Alaska Happen!

Alaska fishing tripSalmon fishing with us on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay is a perfect foundation for your Alaska fishing trip. Not only do we provide a five-star lodge setting with outstanding cuisine and remarkable hospitality, we also take pride in our line up of professional guides who are here to provide safety and good fishing! Our fishing guides have been instilled with the mindset to customize the fishing to their boat full of guests and to ensure everyone has a good time while being safe and fishing responsibly.

Alaska fishing tripPlan your Alaska Fishing Trip

Planning an Alaska fishing trip can be daunting for many, after all it is a vast state with a lot of opportunity. The thing to do is start by figuring out which species of fish you want to target. Most likely it’s salmon and halibut because statistics show the folks who visit here most often seek them. Saltwater fishing is off limits for some folks who prefer river fishing due to intensity or seasickness, so fishing for salmon on the Nushagak River is a great alternative. The folks who do like to fish in the ocean often like to visit here first to experience Bristol Bay for salmon and then they’ll do a day or two in the saltwater when they return back to Anchorage. It’s an easy jumping off point to Whittier just 60 miles south of Anchorage. Others with more time to stay might head to Seward, Homer or Anchor Point where our friends who we recommend their charter serve guests. You may also consider adding some sightseeing tours like Kenai Fjords and glacier tours or taking the Alaska Railroad to see Denali.

Whatever you decide for your dream Alaska fishing trip, let us know your wishes, and we will do our best to serve you. We have a handful of openings for this summer and we would love to see you here.

To request trip information please complete this easy online form and our lodge owner Pete von Jess will share more information and open dates by email.