Bristol Bay fishing lodge options are numerous in Alaska. Choosing the right one can often be a daunting task. Determining the fish species to target, area of Bristol Bay to visit, time of the year to make the trip, prerequisite amenities at the lodge, and cost, are among the top considerations. With so many variables, let’s look at how our lodge answers these questions to better help you decide if Nushagak River Adventures Lodge is the right fit for you.

Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge

Nushagak River Adventures Lodge

We are predominantly a salmon-fishing lodge, with all five species of salmon on the menu. We target kings, silvers and reds, and also catch plenty of chums and pinks. Additionally, we catch rainbow trout. If you are after a mixed species saltwater trip, then look elsewhere.

Bristol Bay is a large area, and Bristol Bay fishing lodge establishments are dotted across the region. Some are housed on lakes, others on small rivers, and others like ours, on major salmon highways like the Nush. Our private, deluxe, high-end Nushagak River lodge offers peace and tranquility; but the river is popular and productive so don’t expect to be alone when fishing. As the season progresses to silvers, the river is much quieter than when the kings are running. If you are looking for tons of salmon action on a highly productive river, we are a great choice.

If you are able to time your trip around traditional run times of each species, then you’ll most likely be more successful in Alaska. Our lodge opens in mid June to welcome the return of the king, and closes in late August after the bulk of the coho have passed by. Also, we fill up quickly, so our best advice is to grab dates early to ensure you get spots.

Services and Amenities

Bristol Bay fishing lodge amenities vary greatly depending on which lodge you choose. Sleeping accommodations, lodge common areas, culinary program, boat and gear quality, and fishing-guide expertise are all very important considerations. We have focused our efforts over the last several years to making sure that we excel at all of these aspects of our operation. If you want to catch salmon with friendly and skilled guides at a well-run, newly updated, first-class, family-oriented operation, then come visit Nushagak River Adventures Lodge.Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge

Budget is another key factor in choosing a Bristol Bay fishing lodge. While we are on the upper end of the spectrum concerning the age and condition of all aspects of our lodge, our pricing is not at the top end of lodge pricing. In fairness, it’s challenging to compare pricing when no two lodges offer the same service, but we feel that you will get a great product at a fair price when you visit our Bristol Bay fishing lodge.

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