Alaska Family Vacations

Alaska family vacations are a great way to build fond memories and encourage a lifelong love of fishing, nature, and the outdoors in your children and grandchildren. The quality time they get to spend with you on a family fishing vacation will take center stage on their brain’s hippocampus.

You’ll teach your little cubs tradition, family togetherness, patience, and peacefulness here on The Nush. We are a kid-friendly fishing lodge making us the ideal spot for Alaska family vacations. The Nushagak River Adventures Lodge team loves being around kids, helping them catch fish. That sentiment was experienced by our guests Ronald Stone (PopPop), his son-in-law Corey Lewis, and his 8-year old grandson Trent Lewis, all from the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.

Alaska family vacationsAn enthusiastic angler, Trent’s been casting and reeling on his own since he was five. At home they fish speckled trout, flounder, red drum, and troll for bluefish and Spanish mackerel. Their family also targets panfish in the fall. Trent caught a huge variety of fish on his Alaska family vacation including coho, chum, king, rainbow, jack king, and pike. He handled spinning gear as proficiently as many of our senior guests. He practiced casting outside back home in preparation for this trip after working with PopPop. He even fished with a fly rod from the shores of the Nushagak after getting a fifteen minute lesson with guide Ted Gibson. It made the trip for PopPop, an experienced fly angler, to see his young grandson cast, hook, and land a silver on the fly. 

This family proved one of the best reasons to bring your kids fishing is because they up the fun factor. Young Trent entertained all the guests and staff in camp with his quick wit. He stole the show, really. That young card was a total hoot while being highly encouraged by their group of seven.

Did you know The Tooth Fairy visits The Nush? We learned that interesting fact this week when Trent caught his first silver salmon and sneezed out a loose tooth, thankfully not at the same time. His tooth did land underneath a nearby picnic table and had to be fished out of the rocks. He clearly stated he would like a ROLEX during the discussion of The Tooth Fairy flying in that evening. TTF left a fin-sky instead. The irony was not lost on us as Trent strutted around camp in his shark tooth t-shirt. Check out this interview with Trent about fishing and losing his tooth at the lodge.

The last evening he was at the lodge, lead guide Albert Kutzkey awarded Trent a Daiwa spinning rod and reel combo for being a Fish Slayer Extraordinaire. Trent is officially the ONLY angler to catch all six species at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge this season.

What a memorable group to share our last week of the 2019 season. It has been our BEST so far thanks to the wonderful guests, our valued staff, and the talented construction crew. Corey shared they returned to North Carolina weary and took the day to recover. The next morning Trent woke up and asked, “Can we go drum fishing today? I want to use my new rod.”

These are the types of moments to live for. We all get caught up in the daily grind, spending too much time with electronics, and not near enough family time. On Alaska family vacations such as this, you get to spend together time that will become your most cherished thoughts for the rest of your life. So when you think about your Alaska fishing trip, make it an Alaska FAMILY vacation. It’s as much for you as it is for them.

Alaska Family Vacations:

Meet young Trent Lewis, his PopPop Ronald and dad Corey.