King salmon fishing in Alaska on the Nushagak River

King salmon fishing in Alaska is a longtime dream for many and an actualization for some who are very fortunate. Whether you’ve been saving for years to fish Alaska on a budget or are searching for Alaska’s best fishing lodge, Nushagak River Adventures is the perfect place to land your king salmon. Given the choice, you would definitely want to pick Nushagak fishing for your king-catching experience. The river is host to the largest run of king salmon in all of Alaska fish counts and it’s actually the largest run of kings in the world. Bristol Bay salmon fishing is unparalleled. It’s home to several healthy king runs, none more than The Nush.

What’s it like to Catch a King?
In the saltwater or the fresh, on the Kenai River or The Nush, there’s nothing quite like catching a king salmon, especially for the first time. For each of us at Nushagak River Adventures it was a thrilling experience to catch our first king salmon and for lodge owner Pete von Jess who says “Catching a king falls slightly short of jumping out of an airplane, but the adrenaline rush is moderately similar. The take of the bait by the king is like the parachute that blooms and then jolts you into place. The joy of landing on the ground is parallel to the relief of bringing that fish to the net.” We asked half a dozen of the most experienced king salmon anglers who are guests of Nushagak River Adventures what it’s like for them to catch a Chinook and here is what they said.

Nushagak River salmon fishing

First of Nine Trips to The Nush
Ed Gerrish, MD, Watertown, SD
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2004
I have fished all my life, but there is nothing quite like catching your first king salmon. I remember it well; it wasn’t long after our guide started the first troll. The large king hit the bait and I remember holding on to the rod like I was holding on for dear life, hoping it, along with the reel, wouldn’t fly out of my hands. I was so excited; it felt like I was pulled from the front of the boat to the back. That’s when one of the memorable fights began—and that was the first of my nine trips to The Nush. The Chinook in the picture was the biggest caught in camp that year. We had to come back to the lodge after we caught it because it didn’t fit in the cooler.

Kings on the Nush

King fishing—Fun, Challenging, and Exciting
Mary Boudreaux, Madisonville, LA
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2015.
King salmon fishing in Alaska is more exciting than you could ever imagine. There will be no returning home empty handed when king fishing. I’ve been king salmon fishing on Nushagak River three times, and I am scheduled to go again this June to Fish The Nush. King Salmon fishing is a spoiling experience as Nushagak River Adventures has everything from great guides to great food. It is a wonderful vacation and experience and I highly recommend it. Fishing for kings is fun, challenging, and exciting. To feel the pull of a king on your line is exhilarating and not easily forgotten.

Alaska fish counts are healthy

Coming Back Every Year Since
Gary C. Jordan, San Antonio, TX
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2008
My first time on The Nush was in 2008. At 12:30 AM it was still daylight and I caught my first king salmon…wow! I have been coming back every year since. I remember two years in particular, after catching our limits, we continued catch and release fishing until our arms were tired from reeling. There is nothing else in the world like the exhilaration of a king taking your lure and charging into deep water ripping line off the reel’s spool. Almost as inviting as the fishing, I greatly enjoy the peace and serenity of being in southwest Alaska on The Nush king salmon fishing in Alaska. I have definitely found my summer destination for years to come at Nushagak River Adventures.

Alaska fishing resort at its finest

The Mighty King—Swift, Strong and Explosive
Russell Steenberg, Westfield, NJ
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2013
The mighty king is swift, strong and explosive—hence the reason why it’s called the king.  When the king strikes, the pole bends until the tip hits the water, the line sings as it rips out, and the fish starts its first powerful run. A half hour later—after jumps, dives, further runs, an exhausted fish slips into the net. As many that make it into the net escape the net. The angler ends up as tired as the fish. It is easy to declare after the experience, “I fought the fish and the fish won” or “I fought the fish and I won”. A thrill not to be missed—the mighty king.

Happy anglers on The Nush

Greyhound Bus
Bill Schuerch, Washington, D.C.
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2013
Growing up fishing brook trout and bass in streams and lakes, there is nothing like being in the fresh air of wild southwest Alaska catching King Salmon on the Nushagak River. Getting a good one is like hooking a Greyhound bus! They just take off—pulling, jumping, shaking their heads, and fighting as hard as possible.  They get to the side of the boat, then they take off again. Your reel screams. Then, they repeat it again! The challenge, enjoyment and satisfaction are immense.

A Great Alternative to the Kenai River
Rich Forcier, Indio, CA
Nushagak River Adventures Client Since 2016
After king salmon fishing in Alaska on the Kenai for many years, with its dwindling run and severe regulations, thank goodness we found “Fish The Nush”. On our last two trips, everyone in the boat limited out each day on kings between 20- to 35-pounds with plenty of “catch & release” fishing to enjoy. Triples were exciting for everyone on the boat, except for the guide! We’d laugh when, by mid-afternoon, someone in the boat would say, “OK, I’ve got another one on, who’d like to bring it in?”

At Nushagak River Adventures we are all about our guests, and we love sharing in their experiences. We’re fortunate to be in the prime location for catching a seemingly endless amount of kings. Please share your own king-catching experiences on our Facebook page with your photos and memories. When it comes to Alaska fishing resorts, we’ve been told Nushagak River Adventures tips the charts. See you on The Nush for the best king salmon fishing in Alaska.

We are gladly accepting reservations for the 2020 king and silver seasons. We recommend reserving dates as far in advance as possible to ensure the opportunity. We tend to book up quickly. Give us a call at 877-876-6874 (NUSH).