Silver Salmon Fishing in the Nushagak River

Alaska fishing lodgesJuly and August is silver salmon season here on the Last Frontier. Fish the Nush, one of the premier Alaska fishing lodges, rests on the breathtaking Nushagak River. The Nushagak is world-famous for having one of the largest king salmon runs in Alaska, producing over 200,000 kings per year. As June drifts into the middle of July, our rushing river becomes a silver salmon goldmine. Anglers often reel in over 30 silvers, also known as coho salmon, in one day.

Alaskan Silver Salmon

Alaskan silver salmon have become a favorite among anglers because they’re the best pound-for-pound fighters in the salmon family. Silvers are unpredictable, so every bite is a pulse-pounding battle. The silvers in the Nushagak River put on quite the acrobatic show. If you want to catch a boatload of silvers, we recommend bringing along casting spinners, trolling plugs, drifting flies, and bouncing eggs. Also, insiders believe silver salmon are attracted to pink spinners and flies (other bright colors will also work).

Our daily limit is five silver salmon per person, although it’s likely you’ll be catching and releasing many more. They average approximately 11 pounds in weight, but some push the scales to 20. Silver salmon have mild, firm flesh and are less oily than many other species. Smoked coho is a delicacy best paired with an Icy Bay IPA from Alaskan Brewing Company.

Alaska Fishing Lodges

After a full day of silver salmon fishing on the Nushagak River, you’ll enjoy a delicious onsite home-cooked meal from our professional chefs. Other Alaska fishing lodges cannot match our seclusion, cozy accommodations, and delicious salmon, short ribs, and flank steaks. The experienced and professional fishing guides at Fish the Nush have over 150 combined years of guiding experience. There’s never a wrong time to start planning an Alaska fishing trip. Book a Nushagak fishing excursion today with Fish the Nush by calling 1-877-876-NUSH (6874) or inquiring online.