The Northern Pike: Always in Season

Alaska fishing tripsMost of our guests at Fish the Nush, located on the serene Nushagak River, travel to our Alaskan wilderness paradise to reel in a boatload of delicious king salmon. Now and then, however, lucky anglers will catch a hefty, elusive trophy northern pike. These highly-intelligent predatory fish are always in season when our doors are open in the summer. Fish the Nush’s premier riverside location provides prime access to the Nushagak River and all its glory. Most anglers book Alaska fishing trips months in advance, so now is the time to start planning your next adventure to the Last Frontier.

The Elusive Northern Pike

Unlike other areas in southern Alaska, the northern pike is native to the Nushagak River. They have learned to coexist with our massive salmon and rainbow trout population peacefully. The northern pike is widely known as a “water wolf,” because adults have over 700 teeth and can chew through a large trout in seconds. Northern pike caught on the Nushagak River are typically 20 pounds and three feet long.

The Nushagak River

Our Alaskan fishing paradise is 35 miles upriver from the former trade center community of Nushagak, which now lies dormant. Our secluded slice of the Nushagak River has five salmon species: king, pink, sockeye, silver, and chum. August is also a good month for rainbow trout. The northern pike in this beautiful river put up quite the fight, so it’s ideal to use a heavyweight nine or ten-weight rod. These monsters usually are lurking in shallow water with thick vegetation. Use wire leader, a heavy duty arbor reel, sinking tip line, and amphibian flies. Northern pikes have terrific eyesight, so wear clothes that blend into your surroundings.

Alaska Fishing Trips

Fish the Nush has authentic wood-framed camps on the Nushagak River, one of only three private camps on the river. These cozy, four-person cabins have down pillows and comfortable mattresses. One of the best perks of a fishing excursion with Fish the Nush is our delicious dinners made by a professional chef and skilled kitchen staff. Polish off a plate of prime rib, salmon, pork chops, or ribeye while reminiscing about the day’s haul. Book a trip to the “Nush” by inquiring online or calling 1-877-876-NUSH (6874).