Meet The Nushagak River

The Alaskan wilderness spreads far across the state, and many come from every area of the world to experience it. At the Nushagak River Adventures Lodge, we understand one of the most beautiful regions is along the Nushagak River Alaska. Many Alaskan waterways are known for fishing and fantastic places for adventures, so let’s get a closer look at this river.

The Location

The Nushagak River is located in the southwestern corner of Alaska and runs out to the Nushagak Bay. The Bay sits just above the Alaskan Peninsula and is greeted by the Bristol Bay and Kvichak Bay. Nushagak River Adventures Lodge is located a few turns northeast of the mouth of the Nushagak River. This allows access to more of the Nushagak’s tributaries, so there is a wide variety of areas for flyouts, trolling, and other forms of fishing within a close radius of the lodge.

Fishy Inhabitants

nushagak river alaskaThe Nushagak is a beautiful corner of the world with sprawling wilderness and magnificent wildlife, but the real stars are under the water’s surface. The Nushagak River is known for having the largest Chinook, or King Salmon, run in the world. Along with other salmon, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, and more, it is not uncommon to pull in over a dozen fish in one trip. With waters this bountiful, you will undoubtedly have a successful day out! Load your reel with a bundle of eggs, let it sink, and wait for that tug on your line for the fun to begin.

Experience It

Fish The Nush is located right on the Nushagak and has boats and float planes ready to take you out for your adventure. Our guides are at the ready and cannot wait to get you out onto the waters of the Nushagak River Alaska to experience it all for yourself. Give us a call at 877-876-NUSH (6874) or visit our website to book a trip and get a first-hand look at this magnificent area with Nushagak River Adventures Lodge.