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With an average of 100,000 king salmon returning each year, the Nushagak River is home to the world’s largest king salmon run! The Nushagak River in Alaska also boasts major runs of red, silver, dog and pink salmon along with Northern pike, Arctic char, and grayling. Fishing enthusiasts who stand elbow-to-elbow in more accessible waters are lucky to hook and land just one king a day, yet our guided fisherman average over a dozen landed king salmon per person per day! This is the best king salmon fishing in the world! There literally is no place better for king fishing, and they can get pretty big. A 40-pound king is a trophy salmon and an incredible battle for story telling.

The mighty silver salmon, also called coho, is one of the best pound-for-pound fighting salmon. These acrobatic fish range from 8 to 15 pounds on the Nushagak. Expect to land 10 to 30 silvers per person per day. Five species of Alaska salmon spawn into the Nushagak River: king salmon (Chinook), silver salmon (coho), red salmon (sockeye), dog salmon (chum) and pink salmon (humpy) on even-numbered years.

Whether you are coming to fish primarily for kings or silvers on the Nushagak, we provide our guests with 8 hours of guided fishing daily unless an angler wants to head in early. Our guides are in their boats and ready to depart daily at 8 AM. Normally guests come back for lunch between noon and 1 PM and are back out on the water until 5 PM. You are welcome to catch and release from our beach in the evenings.


Alaska King Salmon Fishing
Best months: June & July

Chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, are the largest of the Pacific salmon and found in sheer abundance on the low-pressured Nushagak River. The Nushagak is world famous for consistently producing the largest Alaskan king salmon runs around. The Nushagak River sees a return of approximately 100,000 king salmon per year.

The State of Alaska provides that Nushagak River anglers may harvest one king per day, four annually. Methods for catching king salmon on the Nushagak River are bouncing eggs or trolling plugs. Our guides also employ a technique called downstream trolling. Nushagak River king salmon average 30 pounds with fish over 40 pounds not uncommon. Our guests regularly take home their annual limit along with memories of their heart-racing battle.


Alaska Red Salmon Fishing
Best months: July

Sockeye salmon, also know as reds, are the most plentiful fish to spawn in the Nushagak River and throughout Bristol Bay. With over 500,000 red salmon entering the Nushagak each year the action can be exciting and fast. In 2017, there were 3,000,000 Sockeye that ran past the sonar fish counters.

ADFG regulations on the Nush is 10 sockeye salmon per person per day. The method for catching reds is by fly or spinning rods. Alaskan red salmon average 6 to 12 lbs.


Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing
Best months: July & August

Coho salmon, also known as silvers, are one of the favorites on the Nushagak River. Silver salmon hit hard, rip line and put on an acrobatic show. Silver salmon action on the Nushagak is incredible.

The AK Department of Fish and Game limit is 5 coho salmon per person per day on the Nushagak River. Silver salmon fishing methods on the Nushagak River include drifting flies, casting spinners, bouncing eggs or trolling plugs. Alaska silver salmon average 8- to 14 pounds with the occasional silver pushing 20 pounds. 15 pounds is a BIG silver on the Nush.


Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing
Best months: June through October

Alaskan rainbow trout are very prevalent in the upper Nushagak River where they are feasting on the salmon roe. Fly fishing for native & wild trout may not get any better and there is very little pressure on this fishery. Fall time is the best time to catch these beautiful fish after they fatten up on salmon flesh and eggs but they are available all summer.

Most commonly used flies are salmon flesh, eggs, sculpins & leeches. Trout average over 18 inches and some grow to over 30 inches in various rivers throughout Bristol Bay. We also partner with trophy rainbow lodges on other rivers.