Rainbow Trout Fishing on the Upper Nushagak River

Nushagak RiverWhile the peak season for rainbow trout on the Nushagak River begins in August, they can be caught year-round in our isolated Alaskan wilderness. Fish the Nush, widely known as one of Alaska’s premier king salmon fishing lodges, offers guided fly fishing trips to the upper Nushagak River in search of beautiful rainbow trout. We typically fish for rainbows on the Nushagak River but we also occasionally partner with a couple of local lodges. Our professional and skilled staff has over 150 years of guiding experience, so you’re bound to leave Alaska with the haul of your life.

Colorful Rainbow Trout

The upper Nushagak River is teeming with rainbow trout because they love feasting on salmon roe (eggs). The salmon population travels upstream to lay eggs, many of which end up in the bellies of our rainbow trout. These colorful fish love salmon roe so much that it became clear that eggs are one of the best methods to catch a rainbow. Another innovative way to reel in a giant rainbow trout is using salmon flesh. An average rainbow trout is nearly 20 inches long, but many of our monsters are coming in over 30.

On the Nushagak River

The upper Nushagak River is home to thousands of native and wild trout, and Fish the Nush has prime river access only steps away from our handmade wood-framed cabins. If you choose one of our fishing packages, you’ll receive three daily meals and all bait and fishing gear. Head out onto the crisp waters of the Nushagak River and watch the sunrise with a line in the water. This area has an abundance of brown bears, moose, wolves, beavers, and dozens of birds, so keep your eyes peeled.

Wood-Framed Cabins

Finish each evening in breathtaking southern Alaska with a delicious home-cooked, five-star meal made by our skilled kitchen staff. Each one of our handmade wood-framed cabins comes equipped with a down pillow and a comfy mattress. Fish the Nush has unbeatable prices, professional guides, and a stunning and secluded locale. Book your Alaskan wilderness getaway by calling 1-877-876-NUSH (6874) or inquiring online.