2021 COVID Protocol

One thing certain at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge this summer is that we will have a fun and relaxing time while taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and well. We are ready to bring our A Game this season with outstanding fishing, quality boats and gear, superb dining and hospitality.

The staff and I are forever indebted to our loyal guests for moving their scheduled trips to 2021. The build team was still able to safely travel to camp last summer for the month of June and again for two weeks in September to complete the transformation, including raised walkways to traverse the property and some finish work—after the complete gutting and rebuilding of the lodge over the last several years.

This will be the first season hosting guests with construction complete and it couldn’t look better. Everything is world class and we are beyond proud of how it has come together. Special gifts from friends and family make up the decor that shows off the impeccable job of an all-star construction team. This spring, we will erect our challenge-coin-inspired logo sign then focus on fishing and hospitality. It will surely be our best season yet.

While it is not empirical data, I believe 50% of people in camp will be vaccinated. There are many opinions regarding the CV-19 vaccines. I will share that I was a Phase III Trial participant in the Pfizer trials, the first vaccine to be approved. I encourage you to get the shots for the safety of others in camp and the folks you see along the way, but if you are unable to do that, please arrive in Alaska healthy. Once in Alaska, please take extra precaution to remain healthy by washing your hands often and not touching your faces. 

Once in Dillingham, the town council has passed public health mandates that you must provide either a CV-19 vaccine card or Negative CV-19 test results from within 72 hours. Alaska has established a vaccine station in the Anchorage airport if you need or want a vaccine. 

Since the airlines are constantly changing their flights, please do not panic. The goal is to be on time in Dillingham by getting there the day before your trip starts. If that is completely impossible, you should coordinate with me now. The goal is to pick you up at the B&B or lodging of your choice in Dillingham, or at the airport, if required. We must coordinate your pickup, so please keep us informed at fishthenush@gmail.com.

When you arrive in camp, we will ask you to verbally affirm that you do not have any CV-19 symptoms and are feeling perfectly healthy. If you do not feel well, please do not board the float plane that flies you from Dillingham to our island camp. Anyone who “must be” isolated will negatively affect the rest of the guests in camp.

The staff will provide a clean environment for you in the bathhouse, your cabins, and the lodge. The guides will keep clean boats. The chef will maintain a clean and safe environment. No one may enter the kitchen this summer for overall guest safety concerns. We ask guests to do their parts and wash their hands before entering the lodge and their cabins. We will have hand sanitizer to use before entering the lodge. It will also be found in the restrooms.

The CDC info just released states that when outside, no masks are required.  We will not require them, however, we will issue each guest a custom NRAL neck gaiter. At dinner, guests should sit with those they are traveling with and any others they are comfortable with at one of the 5’x5’ tables.

If, by some chance, a guest begins feeling ill, that person and the people sharing their cabin will be isolated. If the person feeling ill has a temperature, they will see a medical person via tele-med appointment and we will conduct a field CV-19 test on video. The secured (HIPA) response will be sent to an App on my iPhone. If they are in fact positive, I am obliged to report it to the Hospital clinic in Dillingham. If there is a medical emergency, the person will be transported to the Dillingham hospital clinic. If there is not a medical emergency, the patient must quarantine until there are two consecutive NEG (-) tests, then they can be released to the Dillingham public transportation (airport).  Anyone sleeping in the same cabin as the guest exhibiting the symptoms and testing positive for CV-19 must also quarantine until they are tested with negative results.

We know we can have a safe and successful salmon-filled summer this year, but only when we all do our part. Please consider getting vaccinated and stay healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Pete von Jess