Best Alaska fishing lodge is a self-proclaimed title by many lodges, but in reality is a hard-won accolade. Those that are truly among the best lodges in Alaska share common attributes. Knowing what they are will help guide you to choosing the best.

Among the top is the quality and tenure of the guide staff. A truly top-notch lodge has expert guides with loads of experience. Not to say that some on the staff will be new or that all have worked at the lodge since inception, but a quality lodge selects their guide staff carefully. These employees are often the face of the franchise, spending long days on the water with guests. All guides should be proficient in all aspects of guiding.

Quality boats and equipment are a hallmark of the best fishing lodges. Attention to detail on this equipment, from quality boats, motors, and electronics to rods and reels, line, terminal tackle and bait; the sum of these components tells the story, and the best Alaska fishing lodges get high marks in each category.

The best Alaska fishing lodges provide clean, comfortable, and at times luxurious accommodations. Maintenance of these facilities also tells the story about the quality of the operation. Realize that it is difficult to keep things new in the Alaska Bush and that there aren’t hardware stores down the block, so when a lodge runs smoothly and systems aren’t broken, then it confirms that operating procedures and prior planning are in place. Alaska really illuminates the concept that prior proper planning prevents poor performance.

In order to be among the best Alaska fishing lodges, the cuisine has to be good. We aren’t talking about gourmet dining that would earn three Michelin stars, but well-conceived and executed meals that are delicious and consistent are the earmarks of a quality Alaska fishing lodge.

Finally, the interaction with staff before, during and after your trip are a critical component of what makes the best Alaska fishing lodges. Attentive follow-up, excellent service, and post-trip communication are actions that define the best Alaska fishing lodges.

If you want to experience firsthand these components on the Nushagak River, come visit us. We are the finest lodge on the Nushagak River and actively embrace and thrive at each one of these concepts. Give us a call or request more information through our online form and we’ll get you set up for an amazing vacation catching king salmon or coho salmon at the best Alaska fishing lodge on the Nushagak River.