Alaska Weather: Average Alaska temperatures and the Alaska Climate
Nushagak River, Alaska (near Dillingham in Bristol Bay)

Alaska weather varies. The average Alaska temperature is about 60° F during the daytime in June, July, and August and that holds true for us near Dillingham in Bristol Bay when guests are visiting Nushagak River Adventures Lodge. Wind and rain can make that 60° F feel colder so quality gear is a must to ensure the most pleasant fishing experience. Not to be discouraged, daytime temperatures can hit 70° and above, but rarely will they get too much higher than that.

You never know what to expect, so we like to have guests plan for the worst and hope for the best. Some days on The Nush are blue bird with the sun barreling down at all hours. Others bring a gray, drizzling rain and fog that lingers about. Truthfully the latter seems better for the bite, but we’re grateful for all the beautiful days in Alaska where the air is fresh, the quiet abounds, and the peacefulness sets in deep. It’s hard to worry about much when you stop and realize that you’re out in the middle of God’s country.

As we write this blog in late May the temperature has been in the mid 50’s all week. Rain has come most days for a bit. Partly cloudy is a common phrase on the Nushagak River. It’s been overcast, but we are so focused on building the new main lodge that to us the Bristol Bay weather has been kind. It’s cold in the evenings, but it’s still early in the summer.

Alaska Weather in June

The average temperature in Dillingham in June is in the high 50s. We’ll see plenty of partly cloudy and rainy days and we will see a handful of sun shining days too. We look forward to summer solstice on June 21st when the longest day of the year arrives. The king salmon will be well on their way up the river and our share of Chinook will be bonked and banked for future bounty.

Alaska Weather in July

Average July temperatures in Dillingham are in the low 60s. As the Fourth of July rolls in we will celebrate the most plentiful month with Alaska in her full glory. July is the beginning of our warm season. Average days in July are balmy by Alaska standards.

Alaska Weather in August

Average temperatures in Dillingham in August are still warm at around 60° F compared to the year-round average. Rainfall accumulation increases in August and into the fall, the wetness making it feel cooler out. Non-stop silver salmon fishing action will take your mind off that quickly. Dry, sunny fall days are not entirely uncommon.

Anything can happen with AK weather here on The Nush. Any day on The Nush is better than a day almost anywhere else! With low humidity levels the Alaska climate can be quite pleasant, specifically Alaska summer weather. For an up to date Alaska weather forecast, visit this National Weather Service link for our area.